Jennifer Tomlinson

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Jennifer Tomlinson

Associate Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Department/Office Information

Psychological and Brain Sciences
109 Olin Hall

How do close relationships bring out the best in us? My research program is designed to understand the ways in which relationship partners can encourage one another to seek out opportunities for personal growth, and how this can benefit relationships and health. I also seek to understand how partners can maintain healthy relationships by communicating positive regard and finding optimal levels of idealization (when one perceives a partner to view oneself slightly more positively than one sees oneself). Students in my lab will be exposed to a variety of research methods (including experimental, longitudinal, physiological, and observational) and consider relationship processes in both younger and older adults.

BA, University of Rochester, 2005; MA (2007), PhD (2010), Stony Brook University

Social psychology, health psychology, close relationships, psychophysiology, and statistics.

*Indicates a Colgate student co-author.

Tomlinson, J.M., Feeney, B.C., Peters, B., & *Zhang, Y. (in press). Physiological correlates of partner support for self-expansion and links to goal pursuit in retirement. Psychophysiology.

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Postdoctoral fellow at Carnegie Mellon University (2010-2013)


Year Award
2018 Society for Personality and Social Psychology Small Research Grant $1,500
2017 Society for Personality and Social Psychology Teacher/Scholar Travel Award
2013 University of Pittsburgh Aging Research Day Award for Excellence in Aging Research
2013 Discretionary Research Grant (Colgate University) $1,500
2012 Steve Duck New Scholar Award from the International Association for Relationship Research
2012 James McKeen Cattell Award for Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation in Psychology from the New York Academy of Sciences
2011 Berkman Faculty Development Grant (Carnegie Mellon University) $5,500
2010 National Research Service Award from National Institute on Aging $143,670
2010 Award for Excellence in Teaching from Department of Psychology (Stony Brook University)
2009 President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching by a Graduate Student (Stony Brook University)
2007 Summer Institute for Social Psychology (SISP): Selected from pool of graduate students for National Science Foundation-funded course on self-regulation and goals. (Austin, TX)
2005 Full Tuition Scholarship for Psychology Graduate Program (Stony Brook University)