Picker ISI minor grants are open to tenure-stream or tenured faculty members from any division and are designed to fund innovative scientific projects and interdisciplinary activities with budgets of up to $30,000.

We are keenly looking forward to supporting your projects and activities that are set to expand the horizons of science, mathematics, and education.

Project and Initiative Scope

Proposals should reflect Picker ISI's ethos of innovation and collaboration, detailing how the proposed project or activity will contribute to the broader scientific community and foster interdisciplinary research and education at Colgate University.

Prospective initiatives can encompass:

  • Collaborative interdisciplinary research projects that address complex scientific challenges by integrating diverse fields.
  • Workshops aimed at fostering expert collaboration to further interdisciplinary scientific knowledge.
  • Initiatives that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in interdisciplinary scientific contexts.
  • A lecture series or colloquia that encourages dialogue and knowledge exchange across departments.
  • Funding for faculty travel or course release to engage in or develop interdisciplinary research partnerships.
  • The development and launch of interdisciplinary science courses that augment our academic offerings.


Got an idea? Those interested in submitting proposals are encouraged to discuss their ideas with Institute Director Ahmet Ay or consult with any Executive Advisory Committee member for guidance. 

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Submitting Your Proposal

Your proposal should contain the following:

  • a cover page
  • a project narrative not exceeding 1000 words
  • a concise statement, approximately 250 words, describing the project's alignment with your long-term objectives
  • an itemized budget
  • a narrative explaining the budget
  • a two-page CV for key participants
  • a maximum of five pages of additional supporting materials.


Deadline: January 26, 2024. 
When your proposal is ready, please send it to pickerISI@colgate.edu.

For more detailed guidelines, please see the file.