Margaretha Haughwout

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Margaretha Haughwout

Assistant Professor of Art and Art History

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Art and Art History, Film and Media Studies
317 Little Hall


Margaretha Haughwout’s (she/they) creative work is a kind of multispecies worlding — a phrase introduced by Donna Haraway, who understands it to be the “patterning of possible worlds,” a co-becoming that occurs through entanglements with other species. Haughwout collaborates with humans, and the more-than-human, across technologies and ecologies, to enact possible worlds — worlds that generate abundance, presence and relationship — and in doing so, antagonize proprietary regimes, colonial temporalities, and capitalist forms of labor. Speculative fabulation, intervention, participatory event, walking tour, experimental pedagogy, installation, and biological processes articulate stages of her worlding processes.

Haughwout’s active collaborations include the Coven Intelligence Program, with efrén cruz cortés and Suzanne Husky, a coven that uncovers revolutionary ecologies between plants and machines; the Guerrilla Grafters, with Ian Pollock and Tara Hui: who graft fruit bearing branches onto non-fruit bearing, ornamental street trees in the urban environment; Trees of Tomorrow, a collaboration across numerous institutions in Flushing Queens that uncover the hidden politics of ornamental street trees; and the Coastal Reading Group with Bibi Calderaro: consisting of artists from different coasts who trouble the subjects of wilderness, speciation, humanness and ways of knowing through diverse engagements with nonhumans.

Haughwout has been awarded numerous grants for community based art works, and her personal and collaborative artwork has been exhibited nationally and internationally: most recently at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Stadwerkstatt in Linz Austria, at the Usdan Gallery at Bennington College, and as a part of SLSA’s Experimental Engagements exhibition at UC California Irvine. Haughwout received her MFA from the Digital Art and New Media program at the University of California Santa Cruz. In her classes as Assistant Professor of Digital Studio at Colgate University (on Oneida territory and within the Susquehannah River Watershed), she draws connections to legacies in the 20th-century avant garde, new media art, and collaboration, in order to foster distributed, artistic approaches to the interconnected issues of our time/s.

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