William Peck

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William Peck

William Peck

Professor of Geology; Chair, Department of Geology

Department/Office Information

422 Ho Science Center


BS (1994), Beloit College; MS (1996), PhD (2000), University of Wisconsin

Metamorphic petrology, stable isotope geochemistry, Precambrian crustal growth and maturation, anorthosite petrogenesis, cordierite-gedrite rocks.

Colgate University Carter-Wallace Fellow (2009-2010), NSF research and equipment grants.

  • Associate editor, Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences (2011-present)
  • Associate editor, Geological Society of America Bulletin (2008-2010)
  • Editorial board, Geology, (2005-2007)

(*indicates student author) 

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  • Markley, MJ, Dunn, SR, Jercinovic, MJ, Peck, WH, and Williams, ML, 2018, Monazite U-Th-Pb Geochronology of the Central Metasedimentary Belt Boundary Zone (CMBbz), Ontario Canada: Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, v. 55, p. 1063-1078. 
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  • Peck, WH, Valley, JW, Wilde, SA, and Graham, CM, 2001, Oxygen isotope ratios and rare earth elements in 3.3 to 4.4 Ga zircons: Ion microprobe evidence for high δ18 O continental crust and oceans in the Early Archean, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, v. 65, p. 4215-4229.
  • Wilde, S, Valley, JW, Peck, WH, and Graham, CM, 2001, Evidence from detrital zircons for the existence of continental crust and oceans on the Earth 4.4 Gyr ago: Nature, v. 409, p. 175-178.

Reprints of publications available at ResearchGate