Larry Fink: Beyond the Gloves

September 24–December 19, 2021

Breaking down the barrier between photographer and subject, Larry Fink gives an intimate, in-the-moment look into the electrifying, bloodthirsty, vulnerable, and glory-filled world of men’s competitive boxing. Looking beyond machismo displays, Fink’s black-and-white photographs are deeply complex, highlighting the tender homosocial interactions that permeate life around the ring. These bold photographs reveal how race relations and social inequality in America are on display through modern-day sanctioned violence, while simultaneously giving a glimpse into the gentle moments that constitute the world of boxing as much as the fights themselves do.


EXXIT: Prints of the 21st century

September 24–December 19, 2021

Extended for the fall semester!

During its 30 years of operation, Manhattan-based alternative art space, Exit Art was a place for underrepresented and outsider artists to come together, create, exhibit, perform, and ultimately, to advance the story of what constitutes art and who can make it. This exhibition presents 50 prints by artists such as Sanford Biggers, Chitra Ganesh, and Diana al-Hadid, who contributed to benefit print portfolios published by Exit Art. The museum’s entire collection of Exit Art prints is on view for the first time. Addressing many contemporary issues surrounding race, inequity, and identity, the variety in images, themes, processes, and techniques, perfectly captures the spirit of experimentation and inclusion that Exit Art was founded upon.

Generous support for the exhibition was provided by the Robert J. Gerberg ’59, P’85 Endowment for the Visual Arts.