Thursday, March 23

Re-Placing: Marking the Landscapes and Memories of Chattel Slavery

Artists Nona Faustine, Deborah Jack, and William Earle Williams will come together with Colgate theater professor Kyle Bass for a discussion on using their artistic practices to address the cultural memory of chattel slavery and the transatlantic slave trade. They will discuss their individual approaches to excavating the obscured and silenced histories of slavery that are embedded in the natural and built environments around us and demonstrate the teaching potential of the visual, literary, and performing arts in recovering these stories.

This panel complements the photography exhibitions A Wicked Commerce: The US and the Atlantic Slave Trade Through the Lens of William Earle Williams and Nona Faustine: White Shoes, on view at Picker Art Gallery, and “…sometimes the aftermath is the storm,” video installations by Deborah Jack on view at Clifford Gallery.

Thursday, March 23, 4:15 PM

Golden Auditorium, 105 Little Hall