Outdoor Education

With the Outdoor Education Program, Colgate students extend their education far outside the classroom. The program is consistently recognized as one of the nation's best, with a focus on leadership, personal growth, and community.


To provide Colgate students with leadership, wellness, personal growth, sense of place, and community-building opportunities through outdoor and experiential programs

    In addition, our community values sustainability, diversity and inclusion, safety, and improvement. We support Colgate's mission to help students:

    • Prepare for lives of leadership and productive citizenship
    • Develop the skills to participate in a lifetime of healthy activity
    • Develop personal potential and experience the cohesion of shared purpose


    Outdoor Education offers a variety of outdoor and experiential programs that take place in some of the region's most beautiful natural settings, as well as at several facilities right on the Colgate campus.

    Outdoor Education's programming is open to all, regardless of past experience or skill level.

    Physical Education and Backyard Adventures

    Outdoor Education programs encourage students to learn and practice new skills, have a good time, and even earn credit toward their physical education requirement along the way.

    Team Building

    Develop teamwork skills, foster positive relationships, and improve group performance by engaging with Outdoor Education's trained students and staff. Engagements are customized to the nature, goals, and needs of each group.

    Wilderness Adventure

    Wilderness Adventure is a pre-orientation program for incoming first-year students, giving them the opportunity to meet friends and have an adventure in the outdoors before school even starts.

    Student Staff Training

    Outdoor Education employs a number of student staff, training them to lead team-building exercises, outdoor excursions, and more. Covering everything from safety training to leadership development, student staff in Outdoor Education find it to be one of the defining aspects of their Colgate experience.