The accounts payable department is responsible for issuing payments to vendors and individuals for items or services required by the university. Accounts payable is also responsible for issuing travel advances and reimbursements.

Reimburse an Individual

Non Employee or Student

  • Complete Disbursement Voucher
    • Name of payee (individual to be paid)
    • Address of payee and ID#(optional)
    • Appropriate approval signature
    • Description of reimbursement
    • Amount
    • Budget code
  • Attach receipts or documentation to support the reimbursement.
  • W-9 required when paying for services rendered - honorariums, speakers, bed and breakfast, officials, etc.


All employee reimbursements must now go through the Concur travel and expense payment system. The link for this is in the Colgate Portal in the Accounting & Control section. Completed reports are forwarded to the financial manager of the fund(s)/org(s) charged. Please note that if the financial manager of the fund or org is the employee being reimbursed, that request will be forwarded to the employee's supervisor pursuant to the policy that no employee can approve his/her own reimbursement.

Check Processing Procedures

  • Accounts payable payments are generated every Thursday. The University's payment terms are generally 30 days after the invoice date, unless a discount is offered by the vendor for early payment. Employees should never promise payment sooner than the 30 day cycle without prior approval from the Controller.
  • Payments to individuals are generally made within 30 days of receipt of the request to our office. Please note that a W-9 must be on file before reimbursement to an individual can be made. W-9's will be held for 2 years, after which a new W-9 must be submitted.
  • Payments to local vendors are made within 30 days from the date the invoices are received by Accounting.
  • All checks issued (including honorariums) will be mailed to the recipient's home or business address, ¬†they will no longer be mailed to a department or held for pick up.
  • Payments over $10,000 and international payments require additional review procedures, generally needing the full 30 day cycle to be issued.
  • Credit card and ACH payments are preferred over check issuance. All employees will be paid via ACH if they receive their paycheck by direct deposit.

Contact Information

Accounting Assistant
Accounting Assistant
James B. Colgate Hall
Accounting Manager