Mail services are run out of the lower level of the O’Connor Campus Center 


Located on the lower level of O’Connor Campus Center, Mail Services provides internal mail services for students, faculty, staff, and administration as well as operating a contract station of the United States Postal Service, known as Colgate Station.

Sending and receiving mail on campus

Contact Information

E-mail: mailservices@colgate.edu
Telephone: 315-228-7490
Fax: 315-228-7292

Kip Manwarren

Manager, University Printing and Mail Services
O'Connor Campus Center

Mark Boise

Lead Clerk
O'Connor Campus Center

Diane Boss

Mail Clerk
O'Connor Campus Center

Holli Hadlock

Jereme Amann-Burns

Mail Clerk
O'Connor Campus Center

Patti Furner

O'Connor Campus Center