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Unsettled Conditions: How we talk about the environment and our place in it

September 19 – December 17, 2017

LMA 17-06-14_03a

From the Tuareg in the Sahara to the Inuit in the Arctic, and from island communities in the Pacific to communities in central New York, this student co-curated exhibition explores human interactions with diverse environments.  How do environments shape us, and how do we shape environments? How do we talk about the environment and our experiences within it, and why does that matter? How do we imagine our future environments, and what are we doing now to help shape those possibilities?

Image: Inuit Tools, early 20th century. LMA. Museum Purchase; Funded by Mortimer C. Howe Fund. Photo: Mark R. Williams 
(Left to right, top to bottom: NA1954.11, NA1954.13, NA1954.04, NA1954.03, NA1954.12, NA1954.09, NA1954.07, NA1954.08, NA1954.06).