Panopto is a cloud-based platform for recording and sharing video content that is freely available to all faculty, staff, and students. Panopto users can create video recordings and share them within courses, groups, or broadly amongst the Colgate community. 


  • Post individual videos online, sharing video links with students
  • Organize multiple videos into playlists for courses
  • Embed individual videos or full playlists within Moodle
  • Create video quizzes that link to Moodle
  • Have students create video assignments


  • Share training or instructional content within clubs or organizations
  • Share an organization’s event recordings
  • Take video quizzes or post video assignments


  • Post content to augment courses
  • Share training videos for colleagues and student workers
  • Share departmental lectures and events within Colgate
  • Share library and archive media resources

Instructions and Assistance

Panopto is meant to be used for educational purposes only. Faculty and students must follow all honor code guidelines in addition to following normal copyright laws. Displaying or creating inappropriate content and/or sexually explicit content is strictly prohibited.

Ask for Help

If you are unable to find the information you need in the documentation available online, the ITS Service Desk is available to assist.