SensusAccess is an online document conversion tool that allows Colgate students, faculty, staff, and alumni to convert documents into a range of alternative formats including audio, HTML, text, e-book, and braille. SensusAccess can also convert otherwise inaccessible documents such as image-only PDFs, JPGs, or MS PowerPoints into more accessible formats.

SensusAccess is also integrated with Moodle, allowing students and faculty to submit files for conversion from within a Moodle course. 

Note: You must have a valid email address to use SensusAccess.

The Process

Using the form above, upload the file you wish to convert. If the file is larger than 64 MB, save the file to a Google drive or other cloud service and email the file link to

SensusAccess will convert the uploaded file to the specified format.  When complete, in approximately 10 minutes or less, you will receive an email with the converted file attached.  If the converted file is larger than 4 MB, the email will provide a link to the converted file.

Learn more about the process in this SensusAccess Overview video (2:16 min.).

The conversion matrix (pdf) lists the types of input formats you can upload matched with the available output formats.

Conversion Results

SensusAccess aims to provide accurate conversion results, but neither Colgate nor SensusAccess can guarantee such results.

The quality of the conversion is dependent on the quality of the original document. If you are converting an MS Word file to audio, the resulting audio will be rendered accurately using high-quality text-to-speech voices. If, however, you upload a poorly scanned or marked up image file for conversion to text or audio format, the result may include recognition errors.

SensusAccess provides a helpful Conversion Best Practices guide with information on structuring initial content for optimal conversion results.

Additional Resources

SensusAccess Guides and Best Practices

SensusAccess Questions and Answers

SensusAccess e-learning course – 9 modules covering how to use SensusAccess to improve the accessibility of inaccessible documents and how to improve the accessibility of source documents prior to conversion to alternative formats.

Upload a file to SensusAccess


Ask for Help

If you are unable to find the information you need in the documentation available online, the ITS Service Desk is available to assist.