Lampert Institute Support for Faculty

The Lampert Institute supports faculty research in issues related to the Changing World Order and Science, Technology, and Public Policy. Funding is available to support field work, archival work, dataset purchases, or other types of research support necessary to advance scholarly projects.

  • Professor Brenton Sullivan, Department of Religion: “Race, Religion, and the Modern Subject Among Tibetans”
  • Professor Frances Wang, Department of Political Science: “Buying Influence: Analyzing Chinese Outsourced Propaganda in Asia”
  • Professor Juan Fernando Ibarra del Cueto, Department of Political Science: “The Political Foundations of Subnational Democracy and Authoritarianism"
  • Professor Bruce Rutherford, Department of Political Science: “Is There a ‘Better’ Authoritarianism? Achieving Better Development Outcomes in Egypt’s Authoritarian Regime”
  • Professor Yang Song, Department of Economics: “Teacher Incentives and Student Outcomes”
  • Professor Carolina Castilla, Department of Economics, “Fencing for Agroforestry in the Sahel: A Willingness-to-Pay Study”
  • Professor Dominika Koter, Department of Political Science, “Political Effects of Caste in Senegal”
  • Professor Daisaku Yamamoto, Department of Geography, “Nuclear Afterlives: Energy Transition and Community Sustainability”
  • Professor Fatima Aqeel, Department of Economics, “Female Doctors and Medical Productivity”
  • Professor Carolina Castilla, Department of Economics, “A Kitchen-Garden based Intervention in Rural India”
  • Professor David Murphy, Department of Economics, “Long-run Effects of an Alcohol Mitigation Program in Rural Kenya”