Lampert Scholars participate in a year-long series of integrated intellectual and professional activities during their senior year that encourage scholarly and practical engagement with complex policy issues. Through close interactions with faculty and outside experts and practitioners, the scholars benefit from a rich set of experiences that encompasses studying policy, pursuing career and research opportunities, and gaining mentorship and networking experiences.

Making the Liberal Arts Real

Intellectually ambitious and curious, this year’s Lampert Scholars formed the heart and soul of the institute’s yearlong programming, which included summer research and internship projects, a fall senior seminar, and speaker and alumni events. For many of the scholars, their summer projects formed the seeds of their honors theses, fellowship proposals, and even published work.


In the fall seminar, the scholars studied themes related to democracy and the changing world order and heard from special guest lecturers working on topics such as coups in Africa and repression in Hong Kong. At the same time, through the Lampert Institute's speaker series, students interacted with academics and practitioners whose careers engaged with the “Changing World Order” and “Science, Technology, and Policy.” These various encounters allowed scholars to apply academic learning to complex world challenges, bringing to life the Institute’s maxim, “Making the Liberal Arts Real.”


2023–24 Lampert Scholars

We are pleased to announce the 2023–24 Lampert Scholars.

2023-24 Lampert Scholars group photo
The 2023-24 Lampert Scholars.
  • Zarah Bari ’24
  • Grace Carter ’24
  • Ella Corbett ’24
  • Jonathan Eaton ’24
  • Jackson Fox ’24
  • Angela Mangione ’24
  • Kata Mims ’24
  • Connor Rushford ’24
  • Zachary Tarrant ’24

2023-24 Lampert Scholars Project Presentations

The 2023-24 Lampert Scholars presented their projects, hosted and moderated by Professor Illan Nam, Lampert Institute director, during a reception at the Colgate Inn Oct. 14, 2023. Read more about the 2024 Lampert Scholars and their projects below.

Zarah Bari ’24

Headshot of Zarah Bari '24

This summer, Zarah worked as a judicial intern for the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey. She performed legal research and executed writing assignments for a District Judge. Zarah is a double major in Political Science and Peace and Conflict Studies. She plans to research relations between China and the United States, specifically the CCP’s use of technology in fostering authoritarianism.

Grace Carter ’24

Headshot of Grace Carter '24

Grace is a double major in Political Science and Middle East and Islamic Studies and since being at Colgate has developed a strong interest in all things Middle East. She spent the spring 2023 semester abroad in Egypt at the American University in Cairo where she studied global security, foreign policy analysis, and Middle Eastern social issues such as the marriage crisis. Grace is especially interested in counterterrorism efforts and how the United States’ evolving relationships with other countries contributes to its constantly shifting strategy. 

This summer Grace interned at Laurel Strategies, a strategic communications and business advisory firm for CEOs, in Washington, D.C. After graduation, Grace hopes to return to Washington, D.C. or the Middle East before pursuing a graduate degree. On campus, she is involved in Student Government Association and is a Peer Career Advisor at Colgate’s Career Services, an Arabic tutor, and a member of Colgate’s Model Arab League.

Ella Corbett ’24

Headshot of Ella Corbett '24

Ella Corbett is a double major in Political Science and Peace and Conflict Studies. She interned with Team Themis, an NGO based in Jordan that provides persecuted women in Afghanistan—displaced female Human Rights Defenders, journalists, doctors, activists, and former female military personnel—with physical, emotional, and community support and resettlement opportunities in third-party countries.  Alongside this internship, Ella will also be studying migration and how best to secure justice and peace for those who have been prosecuted for standing up for human rights. Ella is a member of the D1 Field Hockey team at Colgate and a Golden Fellow.

Jon Eaton ’24

Headshot of Jon Eaton '24

Jon Eaton is an International Relations and Asian Studies (China Concentration) double major interested in China, Indo-Pacific security, and grand strategy. He has taken courses on Chinese civil-military relations and foreign policy and participated in a three-month study-abroad program in Taiwan. In his senior year, he plans to deepen his understanding of China’s ever-evolving position in world affairs and the policies of Taiwan and A.S.E.A.N member countries, such as the Philippines, as they relate to Chinese and U.S. grand strategy in the region.

Jon also hopes to learn more about Chinese warfighting capabilities and doctrines and how they might translate to new fronts, such as the Arctic and space.  This summer, Jon interned at the Hudson Institute, under the tutelage of Dr. Miles Yu and Mr. Shane Leary of the Institute’s China Center, where he researched and contributed to an ongoing dialogue about China’s strategic intent and power capabilities and the U.S.’ response.

Jackson Fox ’24

Jackson Fox '24

Jackson Fox is a Senior from Moorestown NJ, studying Geography, Economics and Chinese. Jackson seeks to combine the interdisciplinary opportunities of Colgate’s liberal arts curriculum and various work experiences in logistics operations to pursue a career in shipping and international trade. He spent the summer working in Philadelphia with Dilworth Paxson LLP as a legal intern focusing on transportation disputes. Previously, he worked at various jobs in the supply chain including at warehouses, on the dock, at railyards as well as the office.  His varied
experiences and passion for ensuring a safe and reliable supply chain has inspired Jackson to pursue a graduate education in law.
On campus, Jackson is heavily involved in a variety of student groups, such as Model United Nations, Club Soccer, Club Triathlon, Colgate Investment Group, and Chabbad on Campus. He has held leadership roles in ModelUN since his sophomore year and has been President of the Triathlon club for the same period. Additionally, Jackson was a member of the Spring 2023 Colgate in Taiwan study group, where he spent three months learning Chinese and traveling in Taiwan.

Angela Mangione ’24

Headshot of Angela Mangione '24

Angela is an International Relations major and an Economics minor with a strong interest in national security and economic development. She was part of an extended study program in New York City where she met with United Nations ambassadors to understand specific security challenges in different regions of the world and recently came back from a study abroad program where she studied the impact of the Russia-Ukraine war on Baltic states. This summer, Angela interned for the National Security Institute in Arlington, Virginia. Through her internship, she interacted with leaders at all levels of government. She hopes to find herself back in Washington, D.C. working on the Hill or for a government consulting firm. On campus,
Angela is an economics tutor, a member of Model United Nations, and a member of Democracy Matters.

Kata Mims ’24

Headshot of Kata Mims '24

This summer, Kata researched corporate intellectual property (IP) rights and technology transfer. Her project examined the tension between the protection of property rights and the promotion of the common good through a cross-sector analysis of the agricultural, biopharmaceutical, and electronic technology industries. She identified important variations across the IP regimes of these sectors and used this comparison to propose specific strategies to tackle cross-industry challenges and maximize public-private benefits. 
Kata is majoring in International Relations and (possibly) minoring in French. She is a member of Colgate's Ultimate Frisbee team, the rock climbing club, and enjoys drawing and backpacking.

Connor Rushford ’24

Headshot of Connor Rushford '24

Connor is majoring in International Relations and Middle East and Islamic Studies. This past summer, he worked on an independent research project that examined American foreign policy in the Middle East. The project focused on four countries—Iran, Israel, Palestine, and Syria—and their strategic competition with China. He collected data through interviews with various experts in Washington, D.C. and together with secondary resources, produced a paper that analyzed prominent positions on US strategic interests in the region.
On campus, Connor runs the Alexander Hamilton Society and is a member of the Model Arab League and the Sailing Club. His goal is to have a radio show on campus. After graduating, he hopes to work on national security and intelligence.

Applying to be a Lampert Scholar was the best decision I made since I decided to apply to Colgate. The interconnectedness of a lively seminar, support to expand my professional and academic interests last summer, intellectually stimulating dinner conversations, knowledge, a wonderful professor, and a group of my peers who are equally excited about the conversation and ideas as I am has enriched my senior year beyond all expectation.

Sophie Hart ’23

2022-23 Lampert Scholars

Charlotte Birsh

Charlotte Birsh

This summer, Charlotte is interning for Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer as a legislative intern in his New York City office. In addition to her work this summer, Charlotte is interested in refugee studies as well as international security and law studies. Charlotte is an International Relations major and a Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies and Political Science double-minor.

Max Edelstein

Max Edelstein

Max’s research project focuses on analyzing the successes and challenges of El Salvador’s decision to make Bitcoin a legal tender. He is interested in examining the financial implications of cryptocurrency and the advantages or disadvantages of using cryptocurrency as a medium of common exchange. Max is a double major in International Relations and Economics and plays Varsity Soccer for Colgate. 

Erin Flannery

Erin Flannery

During the summer, Erin will be interning for the UNHCR in Geneva, Switzerland at their flagship program, MADE51. MADE51 is a program that brings market access to refugee artisans by partnering with local social enterprises that employ refugees. Erin will be researching the effectiveness of international organizations by examining financial and social inclusion of refugee artisans. Erin is an International Relations and Geography double major. 

Sophie Hart

Sophie Hart

Sophie is interning this summer in Washington D.C. on Capitol Hill for Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, the Chairwoman of the Committee on Oversight and Reform and Representative from New York District 12. She is a legislative intern working directly with the legislative team on gun safety, women's rights, reproductive rights, and tech policy. Alongside the internship, Sophie is researching the impact of technology and new media on the polarization of political parties and political candidates. Sophie is a political science major and an economics and philosophy double minor. 

Maddy Hettler

Maddy Hettler

Maddy is interning at the National Security Institute at George Mason Law School in Washington, D.C. She is researching national security issues related to the rise of China as well as the preservation of U.S. leadership in technological innovation. Maddy is majoring in Political Science and Philosophy. 

Emma Hubbard

Emma Hubbard

Emma’s research project explores the effectiveness of international frameworks for migration in improving developing countries’ migration management. Her project will utilize recently submitted data from countries’ reviews of the Global Compact for Migration to analyze central challenges to managing migration in developing regions of the world. She is interested in how capacity development and a whole-of-government approach can help developing countries achieve more humane migration management. Emma is an International Relations major. 

Hailey Kim

Hailey Kim

Hailey is double majoring in Economics and Asian Studies at Colgate. She is interning at Capri Holdings as an Investor Relations Intern. Hailey has a passion for fashion and will be researching the Korean textile industry, particularly the state’s policies that facilitated growth of this important sector in South Korea.

Bryn Luedde

Bryn Luedde

Bryn’s research focuses on the role of external mediators such as the United Nations, United States, and the United Kingdom on the South Sudanese independence movement and subsequent civil war. Her project will investigate the goals and effectiveness of Western states and Western-led institutions in arbitrating and administering peace settlements.  Bryn is majoring in Political Science and minoring in Economics and Anthropology.

Phoebe Metzger-Levitt

Phoebe Metzger-Levitt

Throughout her time at Colgate, Phoebe has been interested in the plight of displaced populations and the international refugee regime. This interest, paired with her Russian studies, has led her to pursue a research project on the history of Ukrainian nationalism and its connections with displaced Ukrainian populations. Phoebe’s project will provide critical historical context to the current Ukrainian refugee crisis that has resulted from the Russian invasion.

Seth Rock

Seth Rock

Seth’s research focuses on the question of how a country’s private sector can carry out the state’s desired initiatives. His project, which is being extended into a senior honors thesis, involves interviewing prominent Israeli and Emirati businessmen to ascertain their preferences  and activities related to the Abraham Accords. Seth is a double major in Economics and International Relations. 

Margo Williams

Margo Williams

Margo is interning at the Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development, a joint initiative of UNESCO and the ITU which works to bring meaningful internet connectivity to developing parts of the world. As an International Relations major with Chinese and Economics minors, she is fascinated by issues surrounding internet governance and technology policy. Her research paper will cover the September election for ITU Secretary-General and its likely implications for the realization of a ‘Splinternet.’ 

National Fellowships Awards and Departmental Prizes and Honors

National Fellowships

The Lampert Institute is proud to announce that three 2022–23 Lampert Scholars have been awarded national fellowships this year:

Previous Lampert Scholars who were also recognized with national fellowships in recent years include Sarah Neubecker ’22 who received a Fulbright Fellowship, and Abigail Flynn ’22 and Kate Maro ’22, who were both awarded Critical Language Scholarships.

Department Prizes and Honors

The following Lampert Scholars were awarded departmental prizes and received honors or high honors on their senior theses:

Department Prizes

  • Max Edelstein (International Relations): Paul O. Stillman ’55 Award
  • Maddy Hettler (Philosophy): Balmuth Award for Philosophical Engagement
  • Bryn Luedde (Political Science): Herbert J. Storing Memorial Award
  • Phoebe Metzger-Levitt (Peace and Conflict Studies): Sterling Prize

Honors/High Honors

  • Max Edelstein (Economics): Honors
  • Sophie Hart (Political Science): High Honors
  • Maddy Hettler (Philosophy): Honors
  • Bryn Luedde (Political Science): Honors
  • Phoebe Metzger-Levitt (Peace and Conflict Studies): High Honors
  • Margo Williams (International Relations): Honors

Past Scholars

Abigail Flynn

Abigail's research focuses on the question of whether charismatic leadership is based on psychological foundations that vary across cultures. Her project will study the responses of Arab and American participants to determine whether charisma is a universally experienced phenomenon or mediated by different cultural perspectives. Abigail is majoring in Psychology and Middle East and Islamic Studies.

J.Y. Khoo

J.Y. Khoo will be interning this summer at the ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute (formerly the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies) in Singapore. He will work in the Institute’s Regional Social and Cultural Studies Programme on a project titled "Rising China and Chinese New Migrants in Southeast Asia." J.Y. is a History major.

Kate Maro

Kate’s project will focus on the intersection of arms sales and public opinion to understand the effects of US-led arms proliferation on domestic political stability. She hopes to extend this research into a senior honors thesis that studies the effects of militarization on civilians in target countries. Kate is majoring in International Relations and Middle East and Islamic Studies.

Sarah Neubecker

Sarah will intern this summer at the UN’s University for Peace in San José, Costa Rica. She will be working with the University's refugee program and hopes to explore the political, economic, and social causes of migration within Central America. Sarah is majoring in International Relations and Spanish.

Claudia Pilcher

Claudia Pilcher

Claudia will explore the effectiveness of micro-funding in providing capital to entrepreneurs and small business owners as an alternative to government-funded relief aid. She is interested in examining how microcredit can create stronger economic systems in developing countries, specifically in the southern African region. Claudia is an International Relations major.

Akshara Ramaseshan

Akshara’s research project analyzes the dynamics of revolution and the role of social media, using the case of the Arab Spring. Akshara will also intern this summer with an organization, where she will conduct scientific and economic due diligence on investment opportunities in the energy sector. She is a double major in Applied Mathematics and Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies.

Sam Sporn

Sam will be interning at the Open Government Partnership, working on issues related to government transparency and accountability, civil society, and civic engagement in the Latin American region. Alongside the internship, Sam will also be working on a research project that focuses upon these questions. Sam is a Political Science major and Latin American Studies minor.

Tori Sternkopf

Tori will be working as a Foreign Policy Intern for the Jewish Institute for National Security of America’s (JINSA) Gemunder Center for Defense and Strategy, which focuses on American defense and strategic interests in the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean. As a double major in International Relations and Psychology, she is interested in studying how psychology can deepen our understanding of national security decision-making.