Each year, students receive a variety of national fellowships, scholarships, and grants. If you are considering applying, you may find it helpful to explore their examples. 


Fulbright recipients are granted one year to study, conduct research, or teach in one of 150 countries.

Kevin Iglesias '17 — Brazil research grant
Amanda Liberman '17 — Kazakhstan ETA

William Andrews '16 — Germany ETA
Carolyn Skelly '16 — Germany ETA

Alexandria Dyer '14 — Ghana research grant
Susanna Meyer '15 — Mexico ETA

Neal Barsch '14 — Philippines research grant
Margaretta Burdick '14 — Turkey ETA 
Emma Ellis '14 — Mongolia ETA 
Jessica Hall '14 — South Korea ETA

Anna Bivins '13 — Sri Lanka ETA 
Kiera Crowley — China research grant

Kathryn David '12 — Ukraine research grant
Andrew Lorraine '12 — Slovak Republic ETA 
Lauren Shiveley '12 — Taiwan ETA 
Joshua Smeltzer '12 — Germany ETA

Michael Abrahamson '11 — Slovak Republic ETA 
Emily Casey '07 — Bulgaria ETA 
Paige Cross '11 — Ecuador ETA 
Andrew Giandomenico '11 — Slovak Republic ETA 
Lauren Graves '11 — Taiwan ETA 
Ashley Hill '11 — Japan research grant
Sarah Hilzinger '09 — Israel research grant
Alexandra Pons '11 — Spain ETA 
Eugene Riordan '11 — Thailand ETA

Victor Chiapaikeo '10 — Indonesia ETA 
Jessica Chow '09 — China research grant
Max Counter '10 — Colombia ETA 
Matthew Geduldig '10 — South Korea ETA 
Julia Quintanilla '10 — Mexico ETA 
Alison Wohlers '10 — Morocco research grant
Tara Woods '10 — Germany ETA

Thomas Ellison '09 — Jordan ETA 
Jacquelyn Harris '08 — Germany ETA 
Sarah MacKenzie '09 — Indonesia ETA

Watson Fellowship

The Watson Fellowship is a $30,000 award for independent exploration and travel on a topic of interest to you outside the United States for one year after college graduation.

Sohee Ryuk '15 — Unveiling the Layers of Identity: Ethnic Koreans in the Former Soviet Union

Srikar Gullapalli '13 — Government for the People: Local Accountability Structures and Political Dialogue
Rebekah Ward '13 — Unraveling Bias and Conviction: Roma Cultural Communication and Activism

Shae Frydenlund '10 — The Yarsagumba Effect: Documenting the Ecology of Medicinal Plant Markets
Jennifer Rusciano '10 — Bittersweet: Exploring the Light and Dark Sides of Cocoa Production

Sachiko Schuricht '09 — Cubing Across Cultures: Documenting the Rubik's Resurgence

Udall Scholarship

50 scholarships and 50 honorable mentions are awarded each year to sophomores and juniors committed to careers related to the environment, tribal public policy, or Native American health care. 

Brian Lemanski '14 — Honorable Mention

Jessica Halter '13 — Honorable Mention

Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship

The Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship is awarded to college students who intend to pursue research careers in the fields of science, mathematics, and engineering.

Eric Taber '13 — Honorable Mention

Karen Alley '12 — Honorable Mention 
Weston Testo '12 — Honorable Mention

Meghan Healey '11 — Honorable Mention

Victoria Martucci '10 — Honorable Mention

Jacob Watts '21

DAAD Graduate Study Scholarship

Provides one academic year of funding to pursue a master's degree at a German university or conduct independent research in Germany.

Joshua Smeltzer '12

Critical Language Scholarship (CLS)

The CLS is a program of the U.S. Department of State. It offers intensive summer language institutes in 13 critical foreign languages.


Sarah Collins '14 — Arabic
Kayla Gressel '14 — Hindi
Morgan McCollum '14 — Chinese

Dave Esber '13 — Arabic 
Coco Vonnegut '13 — Hindi

Sarah Collins '14 — Arabic

Kiera Crowley '13 — Chinese 
Margaret Dunne '13 — Bangla/Bengali

Margaret Dunne '13 — Bangla/Bengali

Elizabeth Sadler '09 — Urdu

Freeman-ASIA Grant

This award provides funding for US undergraduates to undertake study abroad programs in East and Southeast Asia.

Elizabeth Gonzales '19 — China
Louise Zhang '18 — Korea

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship

The Gilman Scholarship provides awards for U.S. undergraduate students to participate in study and intern abroad programs worldwide.

Elizabeth Gonzales ’19 —China
Fjordi Mulla ’19 — Switzerland

Haley Allen '18 — Argentina
Kadian Dixon '18 — Jamaica
Saleh Zaher '19 — Morocco

Louise Zhang '18 — South Korea

Hailey Savage '16 — China

Projects for Peace Grant

This grant provides a $10,000 award for a summer project that will focus on the study and amelioration of contemporary conflicts and on efforts to resolve them.

Siena Frost '19 and Daniel Miller '19

Georgia Butcher '17 and Emma Schoenberger '17

Woohee Kim '18

Ewa Protasiuk '15 and Sarah Wooton '15

Sarah Dickson '14 and Michelle Van Veen '14

Rangel International Affairs Graduate Fellowship

This fellowship offers funding for two-year graduate programs in international affairs, mentorship within the US State Department, paid internships and other professional development, all to facilitate entry into the US Foreign Service. 

Ranissa Adityavarman '16

American India Foundation (AIF) Clinton Fellowship

This fellowship offers 10 months of field work in India to gain knowledge of development on the ground in fields of education, livelihoods, public health, and social enterprise. 

Coco Vonnegut '13