Ciccone Commons is a living and learning community within the Residential Commons program at Colgate University.

About Ciccone Commons

Ciccone Commons brings students and professors together outside the classroom to build stronger relationships, and to build a strong sense of community among student residents.

Programs in Ciccone Commons

Through the Ciccone faculty dinner series, professors share the life experiences that led them to become passionate about everything from their research, to their identities, to popular culture and politics. Additionally, the commons hosts social events, both large and small, throughout the year.

Ciccone Commons is a place where residents get to know their professors as real people, and their peers as friends.


The students of Ciccone Commons reside in the following residential facilities on campus:

  • Curtis Hall
  • Drake Hall
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Social House

Cushman House in the snow
Cushman House is the center of social activity in the Ciccone Commons.

The John C. Cushman III House, located at 102 Broad St., serves as the Ciccone Commons social house within Colgate’s Broad Street Community. This facility provides a space for social gatherings within the Ciccone community and is also home to students in the junior and senior classes who have elected to continue residence within their commons and to provide leadership and mentorship for the commons community.



Associate University Chaplain and Catholic Campus Minister
Professor of Psychology

Residential Life

Residential Fellow

Residential Fellow
Drake Hall

Faculty and Staff Affiliates

Annually, a number of faculty and staff from across the university visits with the Commons. Students have the opportunity to connect with and learn from these Colgate leaders throughout the year. In addition to growing mentoring relationships, the affiliates often aid students in unlocking opportunities within the Colgate community about which they may have been unaware.

About Diane Ciccone ’74, P’10

Diane Ciccone
Diane Ciccone is a pioneer among female students at Colgate.

Diane Ciccone ’74, P’10 was one of the first 132 women to enroll at Colgate. She is also a founding member of Colgate’s Alumni of Color organization, a former member of the alumni council, and a former member of the Colgate Board of Trustees. She is a frequent volunteer and student adviser, created a fund to support the ALANA Cultural Center, and has received the Maroon Citation and the William Brian Little ’64 Award for Distinguished Service.