Welcome to Brown Commons, where students draw on a tradition of learning and service as exemplified by our namesakes, former religion and philosophy professor and campus chaplain Coleman Brown, and his wife, community advocate Irene Brown.

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About Brown Commons

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Mascot: River Otter

Residential Spaces

Social House

Students chat on the porch of 110 Broad Street
110 Broad Street is the center of social activity in the Brown Commons.

Located at 110 Broad Street is a larger residence that serves as the social house for Brown Commons. As the social house for Brown Residential Commons, the shared areas of this residence are often used for programs and gatherings sponsored by the commons. The house also serves as a residential facility for upper class students who remain involved in the commons throughout their time at Colgate.

Living and Learning

Brown Commons hosts a variety of programs designed to help members build community, enrich education, and have fun.

Commons Cup

Each year, the four commons compete for the glory of winning the Commons Cup. Each commons accumulates points by having commons members participate in events within five categories: Intellectual Curiosity, Arts & Culture, Environment & Sustainability, Recreation & Wellness, and Community Engagement.

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First Year Seminars (FSEM)

As part of the project of integrating students' living and learning experiences, each year, the Commons plays host to a number of FSEM classes in its residential buildings. 

Creating Connections

The following faculty and staff direct the commons and support its living and learning goals. Feel free to contact them with any questions.


Daniel C. Benton '80 Endowed Chair in Arts, Creativity, and Innovation; Associate Professor of Film & Media Studies and Women's Studies


Senior Director of Physical Education & Recreation, Chair of Physical Education
Huntington Gym

Administrative Dean

Assistant Dean for Administrative Advising
Assistant Dean for Administrative Advising
116 McGregory Hall

Residential Life

Area Director of Residential Life
Residential Fellow
Burke Hall

About the Namesakes

Coleman Barr Brown
Irene Brown in academic regalia

Brown Commons is named after Coleman Brown, who joined the Colgate faculty in 1970 as a philosophy and religion instructor, and his wife, Irene Brown, a tireless community advocate awarded an honorary doctorate in 2011.  

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