Dart Colegrove Commons

Dart Colegrove Commons strives to foster an inclusive, respectful, and honest community that is from, for, and of the students living in Jane Pinchin Hall, Stillman Hall, West Hall, and 104 Broad Street. By uniting students, faculty, and staff of different backgrounds, the commons community assists residents in confidently navigating the college experience, preparing them to become engaged and just citizens.

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About Dart Colegrove Commons

Shield with leaves, sun and moon
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Established: 2017

Mascot: Red Fox

Fun Facts: 

  • Our commons has both the oldest and youngest buildings on campus (West and Jane Pinchin Halls, respectively)
  • Jane Pinchin Hall is the only building on campus to be named after a woman
  • Our mascot’s name is Swiper

Residential Spaces

Living and Learning

Dart Colegrove Commons hosts a variety of programs designed to help members build community, enrich education, and have fun.

Commons Cup

Each year, the four commons compete for the glory of winning the Commons Cup. Each commons accumulates points by having commons members participate in events within five categories: Intellectual Curiosity, Arts & Culture, Environment & Sustainability, Recreation & Wellness, and Community Engagement.

Learn more about the Commons Cup

First Year Seminars (FSEM)

As part of the project of integrating students' living and learning experiences, each year, the Commons plays host to a number of FSEM classes in its residential buildings. 

Creating Connections

The following faculty and staff direct the commons and support its living and learning goals. Feel free to contact them with any questions.



Director of Outdoor Education

Area Director, Residential Life

Area Director of Residential Life
Pinchin Hall

Administrative Dean

Associate Dean for Administrative Advising
Assistant Dean for Administrative Advising and Giovanni '94 and Maree Cutaia Director of First@Colgate
116 McGregory Hall

Residential Fellow

Commons Program Director

Director of the Residential Commons Program

About the Namesake

Archival portrait of Mabel Dart Colegrove
Mabel Dart Colegrove

Mabel Dart Colegrove was accepted to Colgate (then known as Madison University) at age 14, and is now recognized as Colgate's first alumna.

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Mabel Dart