Dart Colegrove Commons

Dart Colegrove Commons is a living and learning community within the Residential Commons program at Colgate University.

About Dart Colegrove Commons

Dart Colegrove Commons strives to build a community that is from, for, and of the students living in Stillman, West, and Jane Pinchin Halls. Residents engender a community that is inclusive, respectful, and honest. Students engage with their professors and the myriad opportunities that Colgate has to offer. The commons community assists residents in confidently navigating the college experience, preparing them to become engaged and just citizens.


The students of Dart Colegrove Commons reside in the following residential facilities on campus:

  • Jane Pinchin Hall
  • Stillman Hall
  • West Hall
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Associate Professor of Environmental Studies and Africana and Latin American Studies
229 Ho Science Center
Assistant Dean for Administrative Advising
116 McGregory Hall

Residential Fellow

Residential Fellow
Drake Hall

Faculty and Staff Affiliates

Annually, a number of faculty and staff from across the university connects with the Commons. Students have the opportunity to connect with and learn from these Colgate leaders throughout the year. In addition to growing mentoring relationships, the affiliates often aid students in unlocking opportunities within the Colgate community about which they may have been unaware.

About Mabel Dart Colegrove

Archival portrait of Mabel Dart Colegrove
Mabel Dart Colegrove

Mabel Dart Colegrove attended Madison University (now Colgate) with the Class of 1882. Daughter of the Hamilton orchard farmers (Dart Orchard) who ran Colgate's Boarding Hall, she was accepted to Madison/Colgate at age 14 after passing a "long and searching" entrance exam to assuage the concerns of skeptical professors. Colegrove was especially strong in languages. After seven successful semesters at Colgate, she was compelled to transfer and graduate from Vassar. After graduation, she became a teacher and librarian, and, at the end of her life, was officially recognized as the first Colgate alumna in June 1947.