Residential life extends student learning and growth into the campus’s residential community, promoting a purposeful and inclusive environment.

Our Staff

Assistant Vice President for Residential Planning and Programs
Director, Residential Life
Drake Hall
Associate Director for Residential Operations and Assignments
111 Drake Hall
Associate Director of Residential Life
Administrative Department Coordinator
Area Director of Residential Life
120 Drake Hall

Oversees: Ciccone Commons (Curtis Hall and Drake Hall) & University Court

Area Director of Residential Life

Oversees: Brown Commons (Andrews Hall, Burke Hall, East Hall, Gate House, and 100 Hamilton Street) & Newell Apartments

Oversees: Mabel Dart Colegrove Commons (Jane Pinchin Hall, Stillman Hall, and West Hall) & Parker Apartments

Assistant Director of Residential Life

Oversees: Hancock Commons (Bryan Complex - Cobb, Crawshaw, Parke, Russell and 113 Broad Street - Brigham, Read, Shepardson, Whitnall) & Townhouses

Area Director of Residential Life
Drake Hall

Oversees: Broad Street College Houses