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Join a community of
well-rounded scholars.

Alumni Memorial Scholars

A signature program for accepted students of the highest academic caliber, these scholars form a vibrant community focused on academic and cultural discovery. 

About the Program

AMS scholars are selected during the admission process and remain members of the program throughout their time at Colgate. There is no separate application.

Meet the Scholars

Rachel Weinstein '18 in winter landscape
Ryan Rios '20 with saxophone
Jacob Pilawa '20 in astronomy lab

Research and Academic Opportunities for All Disciplines

The cornerstone of the AMS program is the opportunity for each student to apply, at any point before graduating, for grants totaling up to $6,000 to fund:
  • Independent research
  • Attendance at academic conferences
  • Internships
  • Language study and academic experiences

A Community of Scholars

First-year AMS scholars are all placed in the same residential commons. Aside from having a mutual academic experience in common, living together often ignites ideas for academic research, and makes it easier to make friends on campus. Social events throughout the year also bring AMS scholars from all class years together.

What Makes a Scholar?

Intellectual Leadership
A track record of academic success and creativity
Cultural Curiosity
Demonstrated interest in diverse cultures thought
Social Engagement
Participation and leadership in extracurricular endeavors 
Civic Engagement
Working to improve one's own community.

Scholar News

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Hume traveled South America in the footsteps of Pablo Neruda to explore the influences on his work. Paris participated in a field-based ecology program in Montana, which started at Firebrand Pass in Glacier National Park. During the summer of 2014, Rojek explored the impact of wind energy in Scotland. Shou used an AMS grant to participate in a summer entrepreneurship program in Singapore.