Brooke Morison '22: Tuck Business Bridge Program - Applying Economic Theory to the Real World

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Coming to Colgate, I had an interest in pursuing a finance-related career. As a Mathematical Economics major, I have studied economic theory for years, but had not been exposed to its application. The Tuck Business Bridge Program through Dartmouth University allowed me to work with students across the country to learn skills essential to the finance industry and to think independently about the valuations of corporations. Working in teams on a final capstone project and presenting our findings to industry executives had the biggest impact, as we were forced to defend our position in a high-pressure situation. Participating in this program helped me not only learn necessary skills but provided me the opportunity to network with professionals in many finance-related sectors.

Zoom screenshot


(Above is a picture during our Markstrat Simulation.)

Zoom screenshot


(Above is a picture of my team answering questions after presenting our final project to industry executives.)

powerpoint screenshot


(Above is an overview of our final project.)