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Start your world exploration with a visit to campus.

Benton Scholars

Developing and preparing world leaders for success in a global 21st century

About the Program

The Benton Scholars program infuses the curriculum of its students with an even greater focus on leadership and global themes. While Benton scholars are free to craft their own majors, courses of study, and extracurricular priorities, they receive unique opportunities to learn on and off campus, and are given the responsibility of sharing the knowledge they acquire with the greater Colgate community.

Get to Know Current Scholars

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Jacq Zier '15 with a seal
Jungmin Kang '16 in front of a concrete wall
Marc Maggiore '18 at a radio microphone

A Four-Year Experience

Year 1
Study and travel together with fellow Benton Scholars.
Year 2
Examine how global issues impact local communities.
Year 3
Think globally and join a robust study-abroad program.
Year 4
Bring it all back to Colgate and host grant-funded campus events.

Program News and Updates

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The Benton Scholars visited the Great Wall during their travels in China. Benton's explore not only culture on their travels, but unique natural environments. Traveling together builds a strong community among the Benton scholars. Traveling is about more than seeing new places. Scholars met a class of Japanese students to explore cultural similarities and differences. It's not always serious! Scholars participated in a friendly football (soccer) matches with their Ugandan hosts. When Benton's wanted to learn about online education, they went straight to the source and spoke with Sal Khan, of Khan Academy. Visitors create colorful works of art with paper cranes in Hiroshima, symbolizing a hope for peace. Food is a universal human need, but scholars discover that the human experience of food is incredibly diverse. Visits to sites such as the Daisho-in Temple give scholars opportunities for introspection and reflection.