Students on Geneva Study group enjoying a meal

Since 1979, Colgate students have traveled to the beautiful city of Geneva, Switzerland, spending a semester immersing themselves in study of global and European law and organizations. Students embark on an intensive French language course, take two regular courses, and work a 14-week internship in international government or a non-governmental organization.

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Other Semester-Long Opportunities

Colgate offers several semester-long study groups relevant to international relations students, including the Washington Study Group, where students are immersed in the political work and culture of the Beltway. Extended study opportunities allow students to continue their work for two to three weeks after the semester’s end.

Approved Programs

We are directly affiliated with several other institutions’ off-campus study programs relevant to international relations students. Check out all approved programs.

BA+MA Program

In partnership with the Graduate Institute of Geneva, Colgate offers the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s and master’s degree in a number of disciplines in five years.