Chapel House contains thoughtful and inspiring books, music, and art representing the world’s great religions. These resources are available to walk-in visitors as well as resident guests.

Religious Artwork

various multi-denominational religious artifacts on a table

Throughout the building, one encounters exquisite works of art from many religious traditions. Just a few examples include:

  • A Guanyin from pre-12th century China
  • Antique and modern Tibetan Thangkas
  • A Christ on the Cross by Ivan Meštrović
  • A bronze bas-relief Revelation by Elbert Weinberg
  • Rubbings from the Tang Dynasty’s sculptures of Bodhidharma and Guanyin
  • A three-centuries old Natarajan
  • A page of Kufic calligraphy from a ninth century Qur’an
  • Japanese scrolls that are several centuries old
  • Original works by Rembrandt, Rouault, and Kano


The Chapel of Chapel House

While our chapel was designed mainly for silent use by individuals, interested groups may reserve it for purposes such as meditation classes, religious holiday observances, weddings, and memorial services. A curtain allows the chapel's cross to be hidden or revealed according to the preference of those present.


Chapel House Library

The Chapel House library contains over three thousand volumes dedicated to the sacred writings, commentaries, literature, and art of these traditions and others:

  • Buddhist
  • Christian
  • Confucian
  • Hindu
  • Islamic
  • Jain
  • Jewish
  • Native American
  • Parsee
  • Shinto
  • Sikh
  • Taoist

This is not a circulating library, but visitors may use books while on the premises. Visitors are welcome to use this online catalog to view the books featured in the library.

The Link

Glass walkway between the house and chapel at Chapel House

The Link is a glass-walled corridor that connects the main house with the chapel. Adorned with plants throughout the year as well as comfortable seating, the Link is a pleasant and serene space for observation and reflection.

Music Room and Collection

Chapel House Music Room

The music room contains thousands of recordings of religious music, from ancient to modern. The listener may experience superlative works expressing the cultures and deepest beliefs of many traditions.

Anyone may explore the collection and request instruction in the use of our audio equipment.