Programs and Initiatives

ALANA Cultural Center advocates for and celebrates diversity. In its physical space and through its programming, the center honors the rich cultural expression and varied history represented by Colgate students, staff, and faculty. ALANA proudly serves as a sponsor for numerous signature, campuswide events.

MLK Celebration

student speaks at MLK opening ceremony

The Annual MLK Celebration takes place every January and is spearheaded by the ALANA Cultural Center. The event brings together Colgate students, staff, faculty, and the surrounding community to reflect and actively engage with the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Events include a keynote speaker, interfaith unity dinner, workshops, and a day of service.

The ALANA Graduation Ceremony

2019 senior class gathers with kente cloth stoles adorned

The ALANA Graduation Ceremony, first hosted in May 2019, is an opportunity to celebrate the achievement of students of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds. During the ceremony, students and a chosen mentor participate in the donning of the Kente stole ceremony.

Heritage Month Celebrations

Students attend a Native American festival

Various cultural celebrations take place nationally throughout the year, including African American, Hispanic Heritage, Asian Awareness, and Native American History months. ALANA has space and funding available for students, faculty, and staff to hold cultural events centered on these celebrations.