Intergroup dialogue is an educational model that brings together community members from diverse social identities in a cooperative, small-group learning environment.

Colgate Conversations

Students speaking with one another in a small group

Colgate Conversations have come in the form of weekly brownbag discussions, peer-driven and student leadership workshops, full-day symposiums, and staff/faculty-led Orientation presentations. They all use an intergroup dialogue (IGD) approach to encourage individuals to explore the complexities of social identities (religion, race/ethnicity, gender, class, etc) to improve communication and relationships between individuals from different social backgrounds. Through experiential learning opportunities, Colgate Conversations fosters an understanding of how individual perspectives are rooted in systems of power and privilege and provides an opportunity for community members to work together across difference toward purposeful social change.

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Intergroup dialogue often involves members of groups with a history of conflict or limited opportunities to engage in deep and meaningful discussion of controversial, challenging, or divisive issues.

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Every spring semester the Office of Equity and Diversity, Dean of the College, Dean of Faculty and ALANA Cultural Center have collaborated on 2-day IGD experiential workshops. Keep your eye on our events calendar for scheduled workshops.

A schedule of each semester's Colgate Conversations brownbag events can be found on the events calendar. Past topics have been facilitated by faculty, staff and students on topics such as hidden disabilities, restorative justice, and moving from dialogue to action to change campus climate.

Colgate faculty are incorporating IGD methodologies into curricular courses. Interested students may contact faculty members directly to express interest in joining a course. Faculty members will manage course enrollment to ensure representation of diverse groups of participants, in line with IGD pedagogy.

Depending on the semester, Intergroup Dialogue programming will be offered and count towards PHED credit.

Faculty in the Colgate libraries have compiled key educational and informational resources related to the themes and theories of intergroup dialogue.

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