Community Building

Bringing together multiple identities and creating a sense of belonging and support — the ALANA Cultural Center strengthens bonds and builds bridges between individuals. The center is a community within a community, where students can explore and express their authentic selves.


Students and faculty attend ALANAPalooza

ALANAPalooza is a longstanding, annual tradition that brings together the Colgate community. The event is a fun, outside barbecue that serves as an opportunity for students to engage and connect with the leadership of many of the cultural groups on campus. This event takes place at the beginning of the academic year.

Heritage Month Celebrations

Students attend a Native American festival

Various cultural celebrations take place nationally throughout the year, including African American, Hispanic Heritage, Asian Awareness, and Native American History Months. The center has space and funding available for students, faculty, and staff to hold cultural events centered on these celebrations.

Student Organizations Advising

A student group poses with ALANA staff

ALANA staff serve as co-advisers to the more than 20 cultural organizations on campus. Advisers take an educative and supportive role, helping student leaders fulfill the mission and vision of their groups through advocacy and coaching.

Learn more about the various cultural organizations.

VISION: Multicultural Group Leader Meetings

Multicultural Group Leader Meeting

ALANA meets regularly to bring together the leadership of multicultural student groups to discuss programming and campus issues. The center’s goals are for every student group to support other groups' events, and also to avoid duplication of efforts and services.