Off-Campus Study

Colgate’s religion department encourages students to study off campus and abroad to gain perspective on differences in global cultures and perspectives on religion.

Semester Study Groups

All Colgate study groups are led by a Colgate faculty member. The study groups are specially designed to maximize students’ experiences when studying abroad, while also maintaining high academic standards. All credits earned while studying with a Colgate off-campus study group count toward graduation and major requirements.

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Extended Studies

Studying off campus doesn’t have to be a full-semester affair. Some courses at Colgate are designated as extended studies. For two to three weeks following the conclusion of the regular semester, students and faculty in these courses travel to apply their classroom learning in the field.

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Approved Programs

The possibilities for off-campus study are nearly endless through Colgate’s approved programs. The University has vetted many non-Colgate off-campus study programs in locations all over the globe. Their affiliation makes the coordination of transfer credit seamless, and opens up a world of possibilities to Colgate students.

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