Nominated by fellow staff and faculty members, the staff excellence awards recognize staff members who demonstrate outstanding achievement in Colgate’s commitment to fostering a creative and expansive learning community.

2022 Staff Excellence Award Winners

2022 Staff Excellence Awards

Employee of the Year

The employee of the year award is selected from among the recipients of the Individual Excellence Award and Outstanding Contribution Award.

  • Ruth Bridge, Student Health Services

Individual Excellence

This award recognizes members of staff who demonstrate sustained outstanding achievement in one or more of the following areas: effective communication, creativity and innovation, leadership and teamwork, change management, diversity and inclusion and sustainability.

  • Rodney Agnant, Chapel House
  • Ruth Bridge, Student Health Services
  • Tara Bugbee, Athletics
  • Renée Chapin, CLTR
  • Erin Conway, Social Sciences, Education
  • Peggy Crumb, Facilities
  • Amber Decker, Fraternity and Sorority Advising
  • Rebecca Downing, University Communications and Events
  • Rachael Enders, Human Resources
  • Brittany Fuller, Campus Safety
  • Joe Malinowski, Advancement
  • Brian Ness, University Communications and Events
  • Tami Watson, Library

Outstanding Contribution

Recognizes a member of staff for a single, outstanding achievement above and beyond their job responsibilities.

  • Kevin Alt, Campus Safety
  • Brian Bain, Campus Safety
  • Jamie-Lee Broedel, Summer Programs

Team Excellence

Recognizes a group of staff members (multidepartmental and cross-functional) that demonstrates exceptional teamwork.

Contact Tracing Team

  • Kristin Tooker, Student Health Services
  • Michele Ingro, Student Health Services
  • Amy Davidson, Summer Programs
  • Heidi Eakin, Library
  • Sue Geier, Chemistry
  • Lori Godshalk, Athletics
  • Lorraine Joseph, Music

Special Departmental Achievement

Office of Financial Aid

  • Laura Andrekanic
  • Danelle Delaney
  • Deanne Meek
  • Susie Michael
  • Evan Schmidt
  • Gina Soliz