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Event Support

We can provide most audio-visual equipment for all but the largest and most complex events. Please see our directory of services below.

Important Event Procedures

We will make every effort to accommodate event requests and ensure that you have a memorable and positive experience. To ensure a successful event, please keep the following in mind when requesting support: 

Schedule Support Early

In order to properly schedule staff and equipment, it is critical that we receive as much information as possible, as early as possible. While we can support many different types of events, our services are popular and are often booked weeks or months in advance.

Request Support Through the ITS Service Desk
All event requests begin at the ITS Service Desk. The ITS Service Desk will ask many questions to ensure you have a successful event. Some of these questions include start and end date and time, AV accommodations required, number of people present, location, number of speakers, presentation materials, and more. Please be prepared to answer these questions when you request support. 

Please be sure to include the decision maker's name and consider any work orders that may need to be placed in support of your event, such as equipment moves, pipe and drape and podiums. These arrangements are made through Facilities, not ITS, at workorders.colgate.edu.

After Hours Support 

Limited after-hours support is available. Prior to 8:00 a.m. and after 5:30 p.m. ITS can not guarantee the availability of staff to support events or classroom activities. Training and equipment loans are available to supplement any scheduling and resource challenges. 

Cancelling Events and No-Shows

Successful events require planning and resource management. If you need to cancel an event, we ask that you call or email the ITS Service Desk within 24 hours of an event. Failure to cancel an event jeopardizes resource availability for other potential events. Frequent no-shows result in limited support availability for other events.

We Provide


We provide group and one-on-one consultations regarding the use and selection of appropriate AV equipment. Prior to reserving space, we are happy to provide a consultation to determine what capabilities you will need.

Video Recording

[ Five Business Days Required ] Guests will be required to sign a waiver providing the University with permission to record and retain the recording indefinitely.  Link to doc. A copy will need to be supplied to IT prior to recording.

Live Stream

[ 14 Business Days Required ] All streaming requests should be forwarded to the Office of Communications prior to submitting a service request to the ITS Service Desk. Single camera live streaming is available upon approval. Additional coordination is required. Waivers will be required for guest participants providing the University with permission to stream, record, and retain any recording indefinitely. Significant additional coordination is required.

Sound System

[ Five Business Days Required ] We will setup and calibrate microphones and speakers for events requiring more sound than a typical classroom provides. This service is limited to the setup and removal of sound equipment. See Live Sound Support below for larger gatherings (30+ participants).

Live Sound Support

[ 14 Business Days Required ] We provide live sound support for special events that includes a staff member to consult, mix multiple microphones and sources, and set up and remove equipment. Note that some locations already provide significant sound mixing capabilities. Additional coordination is required. A work order with Buildings and Grounds is sometimes required for equipment movements (including podiums) and installations. The cost of equipment movement, when needed, is the responsibility of the requestor. To request a podium or equipment movement, visit workorders.colgate.edu and complete a Buildings and Grounds work order request.

Web Conferencing

[ Three Business Days Required ] The Service Desk will provide a Blue Jeans link (to copy and paste into a modern web browser) to share with conference participants. We will assist with the setup of a webcam and USB microphone in a classroom or event space, if needed. Limited Skype support is available. See our Event Support below for larger scale video conferencing and streaming support.

Video Conferencing

[ Five Business Days Required ] Support for advanced video conferencing includes the the use of a Cisco C40 or C20 CODEC in select locations. An IP address is normally provided by the host party to connect to a video conferencing service. Additional coordination is required.