CART (Communication Access Real-time Translation) is a service that provides real-time transcription of the spoken word into text.  It may also be referred to as real-time captioning. It is often necessary for hard of hearing and deaf individuals while also being beneficial to many others.  Most CART users can voice for themselves and use CART to understand what others are saying, especially in meetings, classrooms or large events.  CART and ASL (American Sign Language) can be done for remote or in-person events. 

Colgate uses remote CART services where the captionist is in a remote location and listens to the event through the use of a telephone or internet connection.  Event participants will view the transcript on a large screen or on a personal mobile device.

CART services and ASL interpreting require at least two weeks lead time to organize. Meeting audio and video needs for CART and may require coordination with ITS, especially for large events. 

Note: CART and ASL services should be built into the budget for the event. ITS cannot cover these costs. 

Note: CART uses human captionists to produce the transcript with an accuracy rate of 98%.  Computer-generated transcription, like Zoom’s Live Transcription option, uses speech recognition technology and can be considerably less accurate than CART depending on the circumstances.

Step by Step Guide for Arranging CART Services

Arranging for CART and ASL services

1.  Contact a provider

(At least 2 - 4 weeks prior to the event) to request a quote and schedule services.

CART Services
Professional Reporting Services, Inc.
Sally Maiorano, President
(315) 436-7775

Caption Advantage, LLC
(315) 492-0069 (local)
(877) 227-2382 (toll-free)
Caption Advantage Website

ASL Interpreting Services
Empire Interpreting Service
220 S Warren St., Suite 1001, Syracuse, NY 13202
(315) 472-1383

2. When using CART for large events, contact ITS

(At least 2 - 4 weeks prior to the event)

Call 315-228-7111 or email
The CART provider may want to be in touch directly with ITS to arrange details and to set up the event. Provide the following information:

  • Who will the CART provider be? Provide email and phone.
  • Is the CART request for a few individuals or for the entire audience? For 1 to 5 individuals, a private link will be provided for them to view captions on their own device.
  • Are there going to be PowerPoint slides that will be projected? If the audience will be large and there will be slides, the venue will need dual projection capabilities, i.e. Olin 300.

3. Provide event-specific terminology to the provider

Forward names of presenters, PowerPoint slides and other presentation materials to the CART provider and/or ASL interpreting agency at least one week before the day of the event.