How to submit a work order with Colgate's Facilities Department (Buildings and Grounds).

About Work Orders

The Facilities Department utilizes the online form WebTMA to collect, process, and schedule your facilities needs, as well as to track associated costs. This work order process is available to both students and university employees.

Examples of Work Orders

  • Support for special events
    • Setup
    • Cleanup
  • Minor building maintenance and repair
  • Pest control (pest services on campus weekly)
  • Requesting estimates

Requests to Direct Elsewhere

Standard Work Orders

Submit a work order

Guidelines for Event Service Requests

Place a work order with facilities for the following types of special events:

Even if you plan on cleaning it up yourself, place a work order with facilities in case there is an accidental spill. A work order also lets us know that we have to go back and check the room before the next person uses it, as there may be cleaning or trash removal needed. Some rooms only get cleaned once per day, so it may not get checked after your event unless we have a work order to let us know.

Minimal Cleanup: No Charge

If there ends up being minimal (under a half hour) cleanup required, we will not
charge time to your work order — it will be cancelled and you won’t have to pay anything.

If you rearrange the room and will not be returning returning furniture how you found it, you must put in a work order. As with food events, a work order lets us know that we have to go back and check the room to make sure it is clean and reset it before the next group comes in.

Minimal Cleanup: No Charge

As with food events, if the reset is minimal then we will cancel the work order and you will not have to pay anything. 

Important Information to Include

When submitting a work order for an event please include the following information with the submission:

Special event work orders require AT LEAST a 24-hour advance notice. It may require us to
schedule overtime. Work orders must be submitted by a professional faculty/staff member.

  • In the title, please give your event a name and include the date: ie; “Facilities Appreciation Lunch 9/13/16)
  • A budget code
  • The date and time of the event (starting and ending time)
  • All locations that are being used
  • Who the caterer is
  • What time the caterer plans on setting up (this will affect the time we do the set up)
  • Description of the room set up needed. We also would like a drawing if possible.
  • Whether or not you would like custodial coverage during the event
  • Who the contact should be for any questions about the event and a reachable phone number.
  • If you are having a caterer for your event we also need to know when they will be removing their equipment from the room
    • If your caterer is unable to come back right after the event and remove their equipment you must coordinate a location where that can be stored until they arrive. Departments are responsible for ensuring that the catering equipment is moved to the coordinated location.
  • If you are having rentals delivered we need to know the date / time of drop off and pick up.
    • If the rental company is unable to come back right after the event and remove the items, it is your responsibility to coordinate with any other people who have reserved the space between the time your event ends and their event.
  • If you are having a band or DJ, please send their Rider sheet to confirm we can provide the proper electrical support