Off-Campus Study in Environmental Studies

If you are interested in pursuing a course of study in environmental studies, there are many opportunities to take your studies off campus and abroad whether on the program’s faculty-led Australia study group or one of many approved programs throughout the world.

Opportunities Through Colgate

Exploring the coastal ecosystem in Chilean Patagonia

The Office of Off-Campus Study offers full-semester off-campus study opportunities all over the world. In these programs, students travel, live, and study with Colgate classmates and a Colgate faculty adviser while being immersed in the area’s culture.

The study group to the University of Wollongong in New South Wales, Australia may be of particular interest to environmental studies students. The program is designed for students who have demonstrated a strong affinity for broad-based, interdisciplinary exploration of environmental studies.

For those interested in shorter studies abroad, Colgate also offers extended studies in which students expand upon some courses taken at Colgate during a regular semester with 2–3 week educational trips after the semester to areas relevant to the curricula.

Affiliated and Recommended Opportunities

The following programs are officially affiliated with Colgate, but are conducted entirely by other institutions:

  • Semester in Environmental Science at Woods Hole, Massachusetts
  • The Maritime Studies Program of Williams College and Mystic Seaport

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In addition, the program recommends that you investigate the following opportunities: