Undergraduate Student Research in Environmental Studies

One of the University’s great distinctions is the ability students have to conduct high-level research side-by-side with world-class faculty as undergraduates. Students in environmental studies have seized this opportunity to pursue groundbreaking research that has resulted in numerous publications co-authored with faculty.

ENST 390: Community-based Study of Environmental Issues

The ability to conduct graduate-level research as an undergraduate is one of Colgate's distinct advantages. The following research was conducted by students enrolled in a project-based, interdisciplinary course examining current environmental issues in the context of community-based learning.

Affordable Housing Needs Assessment: Madison County, NY
Sydney Block, George Crawford, Molly Klein, Will McCoy, Jackie Mendia, Hannah Zeitlin
Report (PDF)

Colgate University Campus Forest Offset Project Analysis
Andrew Bianco, Felix Dalstein, Julia Feikens, John Post, Leda Rosenthal, Josh Winward
Report (PDF)

The History of Transportation at Colgate University
Marisa Chiodo, Kathryn Deaton, and Jonathan Morales
Report (PDF); Video

The History of Heating at Colgate University
Julia Marchetti, Yukun Xu, Kylie Armo
Report (PDF); Video

Food Provision and the Incorporation of Sustainable Practices at Colgate University over its 200-year History as an Institution of Higher Learning
Robert Howie, Geneva Leong, and Summitt Liu
Report (PDF); Video

Land Use and Forest Management: A History of Sustainability at Colgate University
PJ Bell, Kimberly Duncan, and Martha Montufar
Report (PDF)

Building and Construction Sustainability at Colgate University Colgate University Bicentennial Anniversary
Katie Connors, Danny LaCrosse, and Emma Newmann
Report (PDF); Video

The History of Domestic Water Use at Colgate University
Ashlea Raemer and Jeff Potts
Report (PDF); Video

ENST 241: Sustainability and Climate Action Planning with Local Community Partners 

ENST 241 allows students the opportunity to work with community partners in the upstate New York region to solve complex challenges facing local governments that are trying to enact climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies. Over the last year, students have worked closely with the with the Town of Hamilton, helping it pursue the New York State Climate Smart Communities and Clean Energy Communities programs. The below documents, produced by ENST 214 students, have been used by local community partners to advise and inspire climate action:

The Town of Hamilton, NY 2017 Municipal Greenhouse Gas Inventory
A step-by-step guide for completing the Town of Hamilton, N.Y., Greenhouse Gas Inventory
Meagan Klebanoff, Charlie Enberg, Benjamin Schick, Erin Moroney
Full Report (PDF)

Incorporating the Communities Program into the Town of Hamilton's Draft Comprehensive Plan
Lily Daggett, Julilana Serrano, Pamela Gramlich
Full Report (PDF)

Other Environmental Studies Student Research

ENST 324: "Hunting, Eating, Vegetarianism" Austin, Texas, Site Visit
ENST 324 Students, Ian Helfant, Peter Rogers
ArcGIS Online Story Map

The Role of Sustainability Curricula in Higher Education
Jenna Taylor
Full Report (PDF)