Department of Mathematics

Explore the intrinsic elegance of humanity’s truly universal language, advance ongoing scholarship, prepare for careers, and develop skills that matter in almost any discipline.


A Colgate student takes notes during a statistics class in McGregory Hall
A Colgate student takes notes during a statistics class in McGregory Hall

Some students in Colgate’s mathematics department pursue graduate study in mathematics or its related fields. Others launch careers in business, finance, law, medicine, education, or scientific fields where advanced math skills are in demand. For students interested in using mathematics to understand or model real-world phenomena, the department is distinguished among top-rated liberal arts colleges by its offering both a major in applied mathematics and a minor in mathematical systems biology.

Viewing mathematics through the prism of liberal arts, all students benefit from the use of math as a learning tool — for forming habits of precise expression, logical reasoning, and abstract thinking. It all takes place under the guidance of a department faculty renowned as both excellent teachers and researchers.

The department offers the following major and minor programs:

Department Contacts

Chair: Aaron Robertson
Administrative Assistant: Charlotte Howard
Office: 209 McGregory
Phone: 315-228-7719

I fell in love with math at Colgate from my very first class. The professors are friendly, approachable, and always willing to chat when you pass them in the hallway, and my classmates are great, too. The department has become a community for me on this campus.
Alexandra Newlon ’20