This page is meant as a resource for students majoring in mathematics or applied mathematics at Colgate. Information on this page is supplemental to that provided in the Colgate University Catalog, which should be considered all students’ first resource for scheduling information.

Required Courses

MATH 250 / 260 should be completed before junior year.
MATH 375 / 376 and MATH 377 should be complete before senior year.


To complete the major, each student must produce a thesis. This is normally done through the research seminars MATH 482 (or 481) or MATH 483.

Research Seminars

The main seminars MATH 482 (for the applied mathematics major) and MATH 483 (for the mathematics major) are offered only in the fall semester. MATH 481 (which can be used for the applied mathematics major) is offered only in the spring.

Course Rotation

The Course Rotation document offers a guide for the department’s two-year course rotation. Note that some courses are subject to change and the document may not reflect all courses offered.

Sample Schedules


To be considered for honors in mathematics or in applied mathematics, a student must achieve a 3.3 GPA in the respective major. In order for the student to be considered for high honors, a 3.7 GPA in the major is required.

For both honors and high honors, completion of a course numbered 400 or above that is not a research seminar is required. 

Honors / High Honors are attained by a student’s production and defense of a thesis of distinction. A grade of A- or better is required to be considered for honors.

In this situation, the student’s thesis adviser puts forward the thesis for honors consideration. Subsequently, a committee of three faculty members, one being the student’s thesis adviser, the others chosen by the department, is formed. The student must give a defense of the thesis, typically on the Wednesday during finals week. The committee of three, with other math faculty members acting in an advisory capacity with a recommendation, then grades the project, consisting of the thesis and defense. 

In order for honors to be granted, the committee of three must unanimously grade the project as A- or better. In the event that all three grade the project as A or better, high honors will be granted. These are both contingent on satisfying the GPA and 400-level course requirements.