Faculty in Colgate’s economics department contribute significant research to their fields—often in collaboration with their students—ranking in the top 10 for US Economics Departments at Liberal Arts Colleges according to IDEAS/RePec.


Ranking at IDEAS/RePec

Publications by faculty

Student Research

Students who wish to contribute to economics research at Colgate should contact one of the faculty members listed below to inquire about opportunities for collaboration. Professors may also be willing to advise and mentor a student with an independent research interest.

Recent Student Publications

  • Cremin, Caitlin R. and Benjamin C. Anderson. 2019. "Commitment and Satisfaction on the Field and in the Classroom: A Case Study of Student Athlete Experiences at a Liberal Arts College." Applied Economics 51(9): 858-880.
  • Gropper, Catherine C. and Benjamin C. Anderson. 2018. "Sellout, Blackout, or Get Out: The Impacts of the 2012 Policy Change on TV Blackouts and Attendance in the NFL." Journal of Sports Economics 19(4): 522-561.
  • Gu, Emily and Chad Sparber. 2017. "The Native-Born Occupational Skill Response to Immigration within Education and Experience Cells" (with*), Eastern Economic Journal, Vol. 43 (3): 426-450.
  • Hines, A. and N. Simpson. 2019. "Migration, Remittances, and Human Capital Investment in Kenya." Economic Notes, Special Issues on Migrant Remittances, 1-18.
  • Liu, X., & Song, Y. 2019. Comparing the Ethnicity Proxy and Residual Method: Applications to the State-level DREAM Acts and DACA. Eastern Economic Journal, 1-20.
  • Oliver, Kayla M. and Thomas R. Michl. "Combating Hysteresis in a Three-Equation Model," Review of Keynesian Economics, Vol. 7, No. 1, (January 2019), pp. 6-27.
  • Steigleder, Quinn. 2017. "The Effect of Legal Status on Immigrant Wages and Occupational Skills" Applied Economics Letters, Vol. 24 (2): 80-84.
Faculty Member Specialties
Benjamin Anderson Industrial organization (applied to agricultural and food industries and R&D), sports economics
Jeff Baldani Microeconomics, mathematical economics, game theory
Carolina Castilla Development economics, behavioral economics, gender and household economics
Isla Globus-Harris Environmental economics, microeconomics, game theory
Michael Haines American economic history, European economic history, population economics
Rich Higgins Macroeconomics, monetary policy, Bayesian econometrics
Takao Kato Labor economics, industrial relations and human resource management, East Asian economies (in particular Japanese economy)
Jyoti Khanna Public economics, statistics, microeconomics, international economics
Rick Klotz Environmental economics: climate, energy, and environmental policies
Erik Lillethun Game theory, information markets, strategic information acquisition, law and economics
Tom Michl Macroeconomics, political economy, labor economics, growth and distribution
Dean Scrimgeour Macroeconomics, monetary policy, economic growth
Rishi Sharma International trade, international taxation, public finance
Nicole Simpson Immigration, macroeconomics, the EITC, education, poverty
Yang Song Education, development economics, behavioral economics, Chinese economy
Chad Sparber Immigration, Labor, International, Urban
Bob Turner Environmental economics: nonmarket valuation of national parks, effect of environmental art
Don Waldman Industrial organization, public policy toward business, antitrust policy