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Technology Enhanced Learning

The focus of Academic Technologies is the support of learning at Colgate. Here we present some of our primary services in support of that goal.
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Moodle Learning Management System (LMS)

An LMS such as Moodle is generally designed to: 1) provide a professor with tools to enhance teaching and learning, 2) facilitate class communications, and 3) help a professor more efficiently manage their time and effort. Your use of the LMS can be mundane -- make materials and messages available to students on line -- or complex -- interact with students outside class and conduct graded assessments.

Moodle.Colgate.EduSee how Colgate's Moodle LMS might help you.

Personal Response Systems (PRS) ("clickers")

Academic Technologies supports personal response systems (PRS) for enhancing classroom interaction and formative assessment. Our standard PRS tools are i>clickers (iClickers) but we also support alternatives. 

Learn more about iClickers and PRS.

EdTech Workshops

Academic Technologies offers occasional workshops to assist faculty with integrating technology and teaching. We can offer customized workshops or other sessions for you and your colleagues. Check details about current workshops.

Teaching & Technology Micro Grants

Faculty are encouraged to investigate technologies which enhance their teaching. Colgate offers some funding for investigation and experimentation.

Collaboration for Enhanced Learning (CEL)

Academic Technologies works collaboratively with librarians and faculty as part of the Collaboration for Enhanced Learning (CEL).

How Can Technology Enhance Teaching?

Colgate faculty have used a variety of techniques and technologies to enhance their students' learning experiences.  


Colgate's site license with Lynda.Com enables all faculty, students, and staff to study hundreds of useful topics on line in a structured learning environment. Courses range from technical and focused -- e.g., Excel Essential Training -- to broad and academic -- e.g., Flipping the Classroom. You or your students might find entire courses useful -- again for example, Excel Essential Training -- or might simply want to use one of the lessons -- e.g., Excel Pivot Tables. Some professors refer their students to Lynda.Com lessons or courses in support of specific tools required for their course or discipline.

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