• Dolphin seen leaping out of water
    During winter break, January 1–19, 2019, Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience Ann Jane Tierney led a team of students from BIOL 341 or NEUR 385 on an extended study trip to the Dolphin Research Center on Grassy Key, Fla. The group participated in ongoing cognitive and behavioral research, focusing on current theories and methods in studies […]
    February 27, 2019
  • Wan-chun Liu, Assistant Professor of Neuroscience, teaches a class.
    In his lab, neuroscience professor Wan-Chun Liu modifies gene expression in songbirds’ basal ganglia, a region of the brain that plays a vital role in early language learning. The work could further understanding of human communication disorders like autism or Huntington’s disease. Liu’s affection for these tiny twittering birds has driven a varied academic career, […]
    October 18, 2017
  • zebrafinches
    Colgate neuroscientist Wan-Chun Liu is using songbirds to understand better how the human brain learns to speak — and gain new insights into diseases such as autism disorder. Professor Wan-Chun Liu’s lab is filled with the mellifluous tweets and squeaks of zebra finches, a small songbird native to Australia. The birds are highly social animals […]
    June 13, 2017
  • Laynie Dratch ’17 (left) and Meghan Healey ’11
    Colgate students have fanned out across the globe to apply their liberal arts know-how in a variety of real-world settings. They are writing back to campus to keep our community posted on their progress. This article was written by Laynie Dratch ’17, a neuroscience major from Ambler, Pa., conducting research at the Penn Frontotemporal Degeneration […]
    June 23, 2016
  • Professor Bruce Hansen works with students to prepare a test subject for a brain scan.
    Colgate Associate Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience Bruce Hansen probably should have predicted his recent $600,000 James S. McDonnell Foundation award to fund the next six to eight years’ worth of lab work with dozens of students. After all, his research could easily be considered mind reading.
    July 15, 2015
  • What to Expect and How to Succeed
    Some students adjust to college easily and naturally, while others struggle and even falter. A new online non-credit “course,” comprised of 13 short videos made by Colgate faculty, is designed to minimize the mystery about what it takes to succeed. The series also includes many student-produced video responses featuring current students and alumni.
    August 15, 2014
  • Jodi Forward '15 of Colgate University
    Jodi Forward ’15, a Sherborn, Mass.,  resident and neuroscience major at Colgate, is working as an intern at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. Forward is an American Cancer Society Junior Research Fellow under the guidance of Elisabeth Battinelli. “I ended up at Brigham and Women’s Hospital through the Fuller Fellowship of the American Cancer […]
    July 21, 2014