Jodi Forward ’15 receives prestigious grant from American Cancer Society

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Jodi Forward '15 of Colgate University

Jodi Forward ’15 of Colgate University

Jodi Forward ’15, a Sherborn, Mass.,  resident and neuroscience major at Colgate, is working as an intern at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. Forward is an American Cancer Society Junior Research Fellow under the guidance of Elisabeth Battinelli.

“I ended up at Brigham and Women’s Hospital through the Fuller Fellowship of the American Cancer Society,” said Forward. “Once I was accepted as a fellow, the program placed me in a laboratory based on my interests. I am from a town outside of Boston, so I was placed in a location near home.”

This summer Forward is working in the lab focusing on platelets and their role in the metastasis of cancer (read about other cancer research at Colgate.)



Platelets play an important role in metastasis because they are packed with angiogenesis proteins, which are involved in the transition of benign tumors to metastatic.

“I will be exploring the role of platelets in angiogenesis and how different drugs can affect that process.”

Forward is one of 12 individuals from across New England to be named a Fuller Fellow.