All forms must be submitted by the appropriate deadlines to participate in Wilderness Adventure.

Please do not submit these forms until AFTER you have received your trip notification.

Medical History

Please fill this form out completely and accurately. Do not send the form in without filling in your health insurance information and the date of your most recent tetanus shot.

Medical History Form

IMPORTANT NOTE: This medical history form is specific to the Wilderness Adventure program. In addition to the WA form, all students must also submit a separate medical history form to student health services as part of the regular matriculation process for new students. The Health Services form must be submitted to Student Health Services BEFORE you arrive for your Wilderness Adventure trip.

Assumption of Risk

Parts of the Wilderness Adventure program may be physically or emotionally demanding, and many activities during this trip will have more inherent risks than do normal day-to-day activities. Please read this form in full and complete it if you are willing to assume the necessary risks.

Assumption of Risk Form

Returning the forms

When you have completed both forms, please mail them to:

Wilderness Adventure
c/o Colgate Outdoor Education
13 Oak Drive
Hamilton, NY 13346

You may also scan and email them to: