The Colgate alumni who were shaped by their four years on the hill play an essential role in shaping the experiences of students and the University. One way Colgate graduates do this is by offering career development opportunities for students.


Whether you assist students with preliminary career exploration, provide strategy on searches, or hire a student, Colgate and its students appreciates and benefits from your volunteerism.

Interested in volunteering? Fill out this brief volunteer application below or e-mail to get started.* 

Volunteer Application Form

*Please note: we may not be able to accommodate all requests for participation at the time of inquiry. But, your willingness to volunteer puts you on our outreach list for future opportunities.

Connect with Students

Below are some of the career development opportunities alumni can provide for students.

Recruit or Post a Job/Internship

Looking to recruit Colgate students, or to post a job or internship? Please contact Teresa Olsen, Assistant Vice President of Institutional Advancement and Director of Career Services.

Network with Students

  • Attend a Colgate Professional Network event.
  • Attend Homecoming and Reunion events.
  • Conduct informational interviews with students interested in your industry.
  • H3: Program Volunteers
  • Be a sponsor for A Day in the Life (recruitment for sponsors begins in September, for students to shadow over winter break).
  • Provide trends in your industry for our career advisors via informational interviews.
  • Host students at your workplace during an immersion trip (please note: only sites in major metropolitan areas are feasible).

Financial Support

If would like to contribute specifically to the Summer Internship Fund, please contact Dorrie Ackerman at 732-356-6309 or

If you are interested in donating to the Colgate Fund, please use our online giving form or call 800-668-4428.