The Alumni Admission Program

Alumni admission volunteers help Colgate recruit top students.

It’s such a rewarding moment when a student I met at a college fair or informational interview reaches out to excitedly share that they were accepted to Colgate and that they can’t wait to join the community.

Joe Spina Class of 2014

AAP Mission Statement

The Alumni Admission Program supports the Office of Admission in their charge to “attract and enroll students of profound promise and achievement.” Alumni volunteers are vital ambassadors of Colgate in their communities. Through their conduct, engagement, and spirit, Colgate alumni volunteers can help Colgate attract a “student body from a wider geographic footprint… attracting students from all corners of the nation and the world.

One of the fundamental values that will shape Colgate’s third century is the recruitment of the best and brightest students from across the world.

As we strive to become the finest undergraduate institution in the nation — the first choice of the most talented students — the Office of Admission is grateful for the dedication of the alumni volunteers who broaden our reach. 

Serving as an alumni ambassador

As an alumni ambassador, you will play a unique role in the recruitment process. Having been a student here, you are able to convey the essence of Colgate: the beauty and scale of the campus, the rigorous academics, the energetic community, and the close-knit student-faculty relationships. 

In the 2020-2021 academic year, AAP members will play a crucial role as the Office of Admission temporarily transitions to a largely virtual recruitment model. AAP volunteers will serve as representatives at virtual college fairs and by conducting virtual informational interviews. Members of the AAP serve as primary resources for prospective students. More information about these opportunities is below.

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College Fairs

As an alumni admission volunteer you will represent Colgate at college fairs in your area. At these fairs, you will use your unique knowledge of the Colgate experience to answer questions and help us excite students and parents about the many opportunities the University offers. Your participation will help Colgate stand out among other colleges and universities.

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Informational Interviews

For high school seniors, a personal interview can be one of the most influential elements in the college search process. Prospective students value the opportunity to speak with someone having first hand information about Colgate. At Colgate, informational interviews are not evaluative and they are not required for admission. Instead, it is an opportunity for the prospective student to ask questions and learn more detailed information about Colgate.

Each interviewer brings unique experiences to the meeting. You will also be expected to go beyond your own Colgate experience to best aid students in making informed decisions throughout their college searches. We regularly provide additional training to our active volunteers in order to best prepare for these interviews.

Getting started as a member of the AAP

Become a volunteer

If you are interested in becoming an alumni admission volunteer, please contact Olivia Miller.

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If you have questions or would like additional information, contact Olivia Miller. Thank you for helping us to recruit exceptional students and to advance the institution.