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Advisers Ballvé, Burnett, Klepeis, E. Kraly, Meyer, Loranty, Scull

Environmental geography engages students in the interrelations between human systems and the natural environment. The major combines courses in the Department of Geography with a common set of environmental studies courses and courses offered in other relevant disciplines. In collaboration with the major adviser, environmental geography majors select a specific theme within environmental studies on which to focus. Examples that correspond to geography faculty expertise include climatology, population studies, environmental health, environmental systems analysis, gender and the environment, geographic information systems (GIS), political economy of the global environment, sustainable agriculture, and sustainable development.

This major in affiliation with the Environmental Studies Program (ENST) provides students with an opportunity to consider explicitly environmental issues from a geographic perspective. Courses in geography and a common set of courses in the ENST program are combined in an interdisciplinary course of study that focuses on climatology, population studies, environmental health, urban ecology, environmental systems analysis, geographic information systems analysis, sustainable agriculture, sustainable development, and gender and environment.

For students graduating in the Class of 2025 and earlier, please refer to prior University Catalog requirements.

Major Requirements

The major program consists of the following requirements:

Environmental Studies Courses (five)

All of the Following
One of the following environmental justice courses:
One of the following introductory environmental science courses:
One of the following courses on environmental economics or policy:

Geography Courses (seven)

All of the Following
Two of the following elective courses:

Note: only one may be a 100-level course.

Honors and High Honors

Environmental Geography students interested in pursuing honors follow the same process outlined for honors in Geography; see the catalog listing for the Geography major and consult your academic advisor for more details.

Environmental Studies Program

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