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Advisers Globus-Harris, Klotz

The environmental economics major program focuses on the relationships between the economic system and the natural environment, including the use of the natural environment as an economic asset and the impact on the natural environment of the economic system. In addition to courses stressing economic analysis, the major program includes a study of the relevant sciences, humanities and other social sciences.

This major is part of the Environmental Studies (ENST) Program and is designed for students who are interested in analyzing environmental issues using the framework of economics. Students take a set of courses in the ENST program as well as economics courses that have an environmental emphasis but also provide breadth in economics. The ENST courses focus on interdisciplinary approaches to ethical, natural scientific, and social scientific aspects of environmental issues.

For students graduating in the Class of 2025 and earlier, please refer to prior University Catalog requirements.

Major Requirements

The major program consists of the following requirements:

Environmental Studies Courses (seven)

All of the Following
One of the following introductory environmental science courses:
One of the following environmental justice courses:
Other required courses (two):

Economics Courses (seven)

All of the Following
One of the Following

Major Declaration

In order to declare an environmental economics major, students must have first earned a grade of C or better in either  or . Students who declare a major while enrolled in one of these courses may file "provisional" major declarations. Students with a grade lower than C in , , or  may not declare an environmental economics until a grade of C or higher is earned.

Honors and High Honors

Environmental Economics students interested in pursuing honors follow the same process outlined for honors in Economics; see the catalog listing for the Economics major and consult your academic advisor for more details.

Environmental Studies Program

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