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Advisers Cardelús, Frey, Fuller, Ingram, McCay, McHugh, Watkins

This major is affiliated with the Environmental Studies Program (ENST) and is designed for students interested in biology and the environment.

Environmental biology provides the student with a focus on biological systems and how organisms interact with the abiotic and biotic components of the environment. It also provides a breadth of exposure to environmental studies beyond the field of biology. The courses below are required for the major.

Major Requirements

Environmental Studies Courses (Six)

Required Courses
Both of the following methods courses:
One of the Following

Biology Courses (Six)

Required Courses
Additional Biology Courses

Three additional biology courses, numbered below BIOL 470, with at least one from each of the areas noted below. Only one of these courses may be  or .

Research Course

One of the following courses in research:

Other Required Courses (one or two)

Students should choose one of the following three options:

Honors and High Honors

Students interested in pursuing honors can find the additional requirements on the  program page.

Graduate Study or a Career in the General Area of Environmental Biology

Students who wish to pursue graduate study or a career in the general area of environmental biology should consider taking /, / and /, /.

Environmental Studies Program

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