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Major Requirements

A major in French is a program of study of French language and literature. It consists of a minimum of eight courses at the 300 and 400 levels. It must include , and five 400-level literature courses. Students majoring in French must take two courses at the 350 level before enrolling in a 400-level literature course. Exceptions to this rule can be made only with the approval of the department chair. The 400-level courses are divided into the following categories: French: Pre-1800 (category 1) and Post-1800 (category 2).

Independent study courses are permitted only when the above distribution requirements are met.  is open only to candidates who are studying independently for honors. Majors who qualify are strongly encouraged to participate in the France Study Group.

French majors must take at least two courses in each category.  may be counted toward the French major but may not fulfill the requirement for any category.

Pre-1800 (category 1)

Post-1800 (category 2)


The following regulations apply:

  1. With some restrictions, only 300- and 400-level courses in language and literature may be counted.
  2.  may be taken for major credit on campus only. An exception is made for students who have received credit for this course by scoring 5 on the AP language exam.
  3. A student who has completed a 400-level course may not take a 350-level survey course.
  4. No course with a grade of less than C– is credited toward a major. For graduation, the minimum GPA required in courses counting toward a major is 2.00 (C); all departmental courses taken in the major are used to calculate this average.
  5. No more than two departmental courses counting toward a major or may be taken in any one term. Exceptions to this rule can be made only under very unusual circumstances and with the approval of the department chair.

Romance Languages and Literatures Department

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