Colgate is dedicated to assisting students who are looking for additional support in one or more of their current courses. Tutoring support is offered free of charge to all students.

Finding the Right Support

Looking for extra support in a class should follow this three step process:

Have you taken the time to chat with your professor about any questions you may have in the course? Perhaps they have suggestions about a different approach or specific ways of preparing for the course. If you can’t make their office hours because of scheduling issues, consider making an appointment to meet with them.

Are other resources in the class available to me? Many courses have their own support (tutors or homework help sessions) offered through the department where the course is taught. The CLTR keeps a listing of these resources, linked below. You may also reach out to associate director of CLTR, Karyn Belanger, at to help explore these resources.

Tutoring resource directory

CLTR offers extra resources if additional support is needed. The CLTR maintains a list of Colgate undergraduates who have been nominated by their professors — and have agreed — to serve as tutors. Once you reach out, our office will talk to your professor about what resources are best for you.

Peer tutor request form

Additional Resources


Keep yourself organized by recording your events and deadlines for the week and throughout the semester with these printable calendars.

Learning Support

Maximize your effort to succeed with effective note-taking, time management, and study skill strategies.

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Apply to Become a Tutor

If you are interested in becoming a tutor for a course, please contact Karyn Belanger, the Co-Director of the CLTR.  A faculty recommendation will be required.  Generally speaking, we hire tutors who have had a year of Colgate course experience prior to becoming a tutor.  Questions? Contact