Welcome from the Director

Colgate is very proud of its breathtakingly beautiful campus, wide-ranging and distinctive academic and extra-curricular programs, and the enduring spirit of collaboration among faculty, staff and students. We want all students to have a full and enriching experience, and we also want to acknowledge that there can be hurdles, walls, and barriers along the way. Serving as a bridge by making our programs, facilities, and services accessible to individuals with disabilities is both a strong commitment and an ongoing challenge representing real opportunities for diversity and growth for our entire campus community.

We realize that individuals with disabilities who are new to Colgate and/or to college may also be facing the challenge of trying to adapt to a new set of expectations for independence and to a new level of responsibility in terms of managing a disability. The terminology, types and ways of providing services, and legal provisions may all be new and can seem quite complex in the beginning. With the utmost respect for your need for independence and autonomy, we are here to assist you with making a smooth transition to college and we can continue to serve as a resource throughout your college career.

Beyond college, we can continue to assist you with the transition to graduate or professional school and employment. This includes assisting you with arranging for accommodations for standardized tests and certifying examinations.

In order to remain vigilant in our efforts to achieve an accessible campus, we would appreciate it if you would please inform us when you find attitudes or conditions on Colgate’s campus that appear to disrespect or impede access for members of or visitors to our community. We also welcome your suggestions concerning how we can make the campus more accessible.

Thank you,

Evelyn Lester
Director of Disability Services