A list of scholarship opportunities to which our office devotes significant attention and for which Colgate has formalized application processes.

Many of the opportunities on this page require the student to be nominated by Colgate. 

There are numerous awards open to underclassmen and those looking for post-baccalaureate experiences. It is possible, and often desirable, to apply for multiple scholarships during your college years and beyond.

Click any individual opportunity to see information about its requirements, deadlines, and benefits, including a link to the foundation website.

Advising on the Application Process

Getting carefully considered and comprehensive advising is very important when deciding which of these opportunities are a good fit for you and your interests, so please be sure to contact the Office of National Fellowships and Scholarships to start the conversation and application process early.


Please note that Colgate's campus deadlines are earlier — often months earlier — than the foundations' deadlines, so interested applicants should prepare well in advance.


Application Deadline
Current Year Of Study
Term of Award
  • Fulbright US Student Program Grant

    Provides full funding for one academic year abroad for research/study or teaching English. Please notify the Office of National Fellowships and Scholarships of your intent to apply by June 1.

    Internal Colgate deadline: September 4 initial application submitted

    National Deadline: October 13 5:00 p.m. EST

    Candidates must:

    • Be a U.S. citizen
    • Hold a bachelor's degree before the beginning date of the grant
    • Present a plan or project which can be completed in one academic year
  • Gates Cambridge Scholarship

    Provides full tuition plus a generous living stipend for the graduate program of your choice at the University of Cambridge.

    Preliminary deadline: June 1

    Final Colgate deadline: September 15

    Candidates must:

    • Have a demonstrated record of academic achievement, leadership activity, and service to their community
    • Gain admission to the University of Cambridge and to a constituent college
    • Hold a bachelor's degree by the start of your Cambridge program
    • May be citizens of any country outside the UK

    NB: The US competition is separate from the global one; the deadlines above are pinned to the US, while international students will have more time.

  • George J. Mitchell Scholarship

    For one year of graduate study or research at one of the universities in Ireland or Northern Ireland. Includes full tuition, accommodations, living expenses, and an international travel stipend.

    Campus deadline (current students only): June 1

    Final deadline: Early October

    Candidates must:

    • Be a US citizen
    • Have a demonstrated record of intellectual distinction, leadership activity and extra-curricular activity
    • Demonstrate honesty, integrity, fairness and unselfish service to others, indicating a potential for future leadership and contribution to society
    • Have a bachelor's degree in hand prior to the beginning of graduate study
    • Be between the ages of 18 and 30 at the time of application
    • Be nominated by Colgate only if you are a current student (alumni may apply without such nomination). Nomination decisions will be made by our UK/Ireland Committee after review of application materials and campus interviews.